Reigniting my creative spark

So drawing has always been an interest of mine. I was often doodling and cartooning when I was a kid and started really finding my interest in it through my teens to my early twenties. But somewhere along the way my drawing began to slow down, finding myself not able to put my imagination to paper. I hit my peak it feels like and my well of creativity seems to have dried up.

When I decided to go back to school and embark on a career in Design and Illustration, I started getting nervous about my lack of creative inspiration for these past few years. Maybe I’d lost my focus, maybe I just hit the apex of my creativity. It’s frightening to think that something I’ve treasured about myself since childhood has disappeared. This roadblock has me deeply concerned that I’m choosing the right career.

So I’ve been debating enrolling in a drawing course of sorts for months now. Thinking it would be a good idea to maybe go back to the basics and attempt to reignite the creative process. Though I’ve been hesitant to spend the money on it because my actual schooling required the investment more. Now that I’m finished upgrading and working a well paying job I’m in a position to consider it.

This Christmas my awesome girlfriend gave me an amazingly thoughtful gift and bought me an 8 week/class course in drawing fundamentals. Including all my necessary supplies. I haven’t been this excited about a gift in a long time. I attended my first class last week and had a blast. It was crazy just how much of the basics of drawing I’ve lost over the years and how my skills have been shaped by the fundamentals I retained growing up.

Even in my first class I’d relearned a few important skills regarding perspective and observation. I know it’s only been one class but I’m encouraged at the possibility this will be a serious boost in regaining my creative spirit. While doing my assignment for this weeks class, I noticed I’m finding drawing fun again and not as much of a frustration/disappointing experience. It’s really good to feel this way.

At most I’m hoping this course will help me branch out from the cartooning I usually do and improve my portrait art. At the very least I hope that I find the fun in art again and stoke my creative fire till it burns brightly.

Back to regular scheduled programming.

Hey folks,

As I’m sure you know based off my last post, I’ve been away a bit focusing on my schooling in preparation for final exams. So I haven’t had much time to write. It feels like it’s been a while since I sat down and spent some time writing. I know it’s only been a week but I must admit I missed my blogging time.

I wrote my final this morning. I’m confident I did well and will pass my course. This marks the finish of the first part of my educational journey. As well today was my final day at my previous job, as I start at my new one tomorrow. So today was a reason to celebrate, completing my upgrading is quite an accomplishment for me. When I first decided to go back to school, I was fearful and full of doubt as to whether I could go back and succeed. It had been 10 years since high school so naturally I was frightened. Having been in the workforce for 10 years and facing a huge task of making up for my mistakes I made as a teenage student, I was left with many doubts that I wouldn’t make the same mistakes again.

So today is a milestone for me. I’m proud of what I have accomplished over these 2 years. I’ve overcome the doubts and fear of failure. As well I’ve built a solid foundation for my educational future and learned a lot about myself as a student and as an individual. I’ve proved to myself that success comes with a bit of hard work and a little personal sacrifice. I’ve also discovered I have an interest in writing as well as reinvigorated my love of reading.

As well today, my GF (who has been my biggest supporter) surprised me with a pretty wicked gift when I got home after my exam. On the table were flowers, a lovely card and a pretty bad ass painting of the baddest bounty hunter in the galaxy Boba Fett (as seen below). I can’t wait to hang it up


(Totally Awesome!! Admit it your jealous)

So starting tomorrow with this weeks blogging challenge I’ll be back to posting more regularly. I have a few fun things planned to write about over the next few weeks so keep following if your interested.


(Note: painting was made by a local artist in my city. You can view her work @

Opportunity is knocking. Better answer it.



So my teacher today reminded us that after this weekend we are down to our final nine classes of the semester. Which for me is also my last nine classes of my upgrading. That only leaves my final exam and then I have completed everything I need to prepare for my next step in my education. I’m surprised how far I have come since I started, in fact I’ve accomplished what I never did while a teenager, which is complete my high school education.

Now I find myself somewhere I’ve never been before. I’m used to never knowing when opportunity knocks and always guessing what my future holds for me or how much potential I may have. But if anything my time over these past two years has shown me, it’s how much potential I really have and that my future is shaped by what I make in the present. My experiences I have gained over my time reeducating myself in preparation for my post secondary education has changed me for the better. I’ve learned so much about myself, where I see my life in ten years, and who I want to be professionally.

For one of the few times in my life I find myself with the opportunity to make some significant changes for myself and my future. When I graduated from High school in 2001, I was faced with the same opportunity but I squandered it. Not because I didn’t appreciate the significance of it all, but because I was struggling badly to find my social identity that my professional identity and career goal was the furthest thing from my mind. This time around because I’m much more mature and have developed a strong sense of social identity, I find myself better equipped to seize hold of the opportunity I’m facing.

While I may have a long way to go before I finish my education and am settled into a design career, my first step towards a successful future has been a large and very important one. I’ve built a strong foundation to build my future upon, and with the skills I’ve gained I’m much more confident in my ability to achieve my career goals then I’ve ever been. I think I’m ready to take on the next step and accept the challenges ahead. It’s a liberating feeling to be in some control over my future. Much better than always wondering to myself “what if?”.

Anyway thanks for reading. Sorry again for the late post. My computer died a bit ago and have been writing most of my posts via my iPhone (which sucks monkey balls) and had to wait to use the only other computer in the house. But better late then never. Until next time, I leave you with a final thought.

Every day, you get the opportunity to change your life. Change what you do not want. Change what makes you unhappy.”
― Rodolfo Costa