Weekly Blogging Challenge #7: The art of doodling.

I’ve always had an interest in drawing for as long as I remember. When I think about it I believe it comes from my interest in watching my mother create doodles of flowers. She used to leave them everywhere on everyday items that she doodled on, usually while chatting on the phone. When I was younger I was a lot like her in that regard, only instead of flowers it was always some cartoon character I created. 

My interest in cartooning has grown and developed as I’ve aged. I always loved art class in school. In fact in junior high my art teacher published some of my cartoons in the school year book, and when I look at them now I laugh at how terrible they are. When in my early twenties I drew a comic, along with a friend of mine, about a violent, sarcastic, maniacal robot named Killbot, (I know its not overly original) which I still consider adapting into a web comic.  But eventually over the past few years, I stopped drawing often for various reasons. Mainly because I find myself overly critical of my artwork.

Proud as I am of some of my work, over recent years I’ve struggled to finish most drawings because I can’t seem to stop looking for flaws. Eventually I stopped drawing almost entirely, doodling randomly andrarely finishing a project. I guess I hit a creative block of sorts. Since I went back to school in an effort to get myself into a career in design & illustration, I’ve been trying to draw more often to get over that creative block. Drawing is really the only talent I have had for the majority of my life and to be honest I feel like it’s my key to being successful. 

For today’s post I want to share a drawing I did this week, inspired by a friend who was going through a rough time on her birthday. I started this drawing as a way to cheer her up. I decided to post it because for the first time in a long time I didn’t struggle with finishing it. As much as its not perfect and I can point out a million flaws, I’m proud of how it came out. 




(Image created by me. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of the above image without my permission is prohibited)