My artistic “eye”.

I’ve been doing a lot of drawing recently. Having been enrolled in an art class certainly has helped encourage my desire to put pencil to paper. I know I should be writing on here more but I’ll admit I’ve been putting my creative energy into my artwork. That being said I thought it would be nice to put my most recent piece of work up for anyone who still reads this (or stops by) to view, critique and/or offer helpful suggestions.

Anyway below is a first attempt at drawing a realistic human eye. It’s been years since I put any shading skills to use so I’m pleased how well this turned out. Came out pretty sweet I think.


Anyway thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog/work. I hope to find a balance between drawing/writing and start posting more frequently.


(Photo/Artwork above is credited to me and is not permitted for reuse)

Reigniting my creative spark

So drawing has always been an interest of mine. I was often doodling and cartooning when I was a kid and started really finding my interest in it through my teens to my early twenties. But somewhere along the way my drawing began to slow down, finding myself not able to put my imagination to paper. I hit my peak it feels like and my well of creativity seems to have dried up.

When I decided to go back to school and embark on a career in Design and Illustration, I started getting nervous about my lack of creative inspiration for these past few years. Maybe I’d lost my focus, maybe I just hit the apex of my creativity. It’s frightening to think that something I’ve treasured about myself since childhood has disappeared. This roadblock has me deeply concerned that I’m choosing the right career.

So I’ve been debating enrolling in a drawing course of sorts for months now. Thinking it would be a good idea to maybe go back to the basics and attempt to reignite the creative process. Though I’ve been hesitant to spend the money on it because my actual schooling required the investment more. Now that I’m finished upgrading and working a well paying job I’m in a position to consider it.

This Christmas my awesome girlfriend gave me an amazingly thoughtful gift and bought me an 8 week/class course in drawing fundamentals. Including all my necessary supplies. I haven’t been this excited about a gift in a long time. I attended my first class last week and had a blast. It was crazy just how much of the basics of drawing I’ve lost over the years and how my skills have been shaped by the fundamentals I retained growing up.

Even in my first class I’d relearned a few important skills regarding perspective and observation. I know it’s only been one class but I’m encouraged at the possibility this will be a serious boost in regaining my creative spirit. While doing my assignment for this weeks class, I noticed I’m finding drawing fun again and not as much of a frustration/disappointing experience. It’s really good to feel this way.

At most I’m hoping this course will help me branch out from the cartooning I usually do and improve my portrait art. At the very least I hope that I find the fun in art again and stoke my creative fire till it burns brightly.

Weekly Blogging Challenge #7: The art of doodling.

I’ve always had an interest in drawing for as long as I remember. When I think about it I believe it comes from my interest in watching my mother create doodles of flowers. She used to leave them everywhere on everyday items that she doodled on, usually while chatting on the phone. When I was younger I was a lot like her in that regard, only instead of flowers it was always some cartoon character I created. 

My interest in cartooning has grown and developed as I’ve aged. I always loved art class in school. In fact in junior high my art teacher published some of my cartoons in the school year book, and when I look at them now I laugh at how terrible they are. When in my early twenties I drew a comic, along with a friend of mine, about a violent, sarcastic, maniacal robot named Killbot, (I know its not overly original) which I still consider adapting into a web comic.  But eventually over the past few years, I stopped drawing often for various reasons. Mainly because I find myself overly critical of my artwork.

Proud as I am of some of my work, over recent years I’ve struggled to finish most drawings because I can’t seem to stop looking for flaws. Eventually I stopped drawing almost entirely, doodling randomly andrarely finishing a project. I guess I hit a creative block of sorts. Since I went back to school in an effort to get myself into a career in design & illustration, I’ve been trying to draw more often to get over that creative block. Drawing is really the only talent I have had for the majority of my life and to be honest I feel like it’s my key to being successful. 

For today’s post I want to share a drawing I did this week, inspired by a friend who was going through a rough time on her birthday. I started this drawing as a way to cheer her up. I decided to post it because for the first time in a long time I didn’t struggle with finishing it. As much as its not perfect and I can point out a million flaws, I’m proud of how it came out. 




(Image created by me. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of the above image without my permission is prohibited) 


Weekly Wednesday Blogging Challenges.

So I’ve been blogging for just under two months now as well as spending a lot of time reading other people’s blogs, learning how they have built up their readership and created a voice for themselves through their writing. I’ve learned that to be a successful blogger, one must post frequently, push themselves to write about interesting topics/shared mutual interests and above all be true to yourself through your writing.

I’ve always tried in each post to share with readers a bit about who I am, as well as an insight into my experiences as I learn about myself as a writer and as a person. I noticed I’ve begun to get my own group of followers, while its a small group, it is a positive affirmation that I write thoughtful and interesting posts. I wanted to thank each one of you for taking the time to read what I have to say, I’m complimented beyond belief.

Since I started writing I’ve tried to maintain a twice a week posting. (Mon & Fri), but because of the positive reader response, I’m feeling confident enough to start posting more often. So I’ve decided to add a weekly blogging challenge every Wednesday. I’m hoping to use this day as a way to test my writing skills and add a humorous twist to my posts. As well I’m planning on posting a weekly doodle or drawing as I challenge myself to draw more often in preparation for design school. I used to draw daily in the past but over recent years I’ve stopped for stupid reasons that I regret and I really want to get back into that routine. That will come a little later on as I get some drawing practice in. Anyway thanks for reading tonight’s post. Thanks again to all of you and I hope you folks keep on reading.

*(Update the title of this post has been changed to better reflect the goal behind my challenge. 08/02/13