Wow its been awhile. Updates Galore

Hey Guys,

So its been absolutely forever since I posted to this blog. About 2 years I would say. Its been one busy time away from blogging.

Main reason I have been so busy is I have been a full time web development and design student at NAIT here in Edmonton, Ab, Canada. The other reason being that I am developing another blog site currently ( and will be eventually merging these together.

What brings me back today other than to promote my new site, but also to ask dear readers a favour of you. I am working on an SEO project where I had to make a small site that I can create some traffic too. I chose a topic that interested me because well if you have read my blogs in the past I’m a huge cat guy. So my site is a Maine Coon Health and Wellness page. Its not to sell anything or to even encourage medical advice. Its more a general fact page about how to keep your Maine Coon Cat healthy and happy.

I would super appreciate if it you guys could check it out, share my page and generate some traffic my way. I know its annoying to link to lame pages, but I swear its for a good cause (Plus you’ll score awesome Karma points).

So please visit and let me know what you think. I encourage constructive criticism so let me know if you see any way I can make improvements.

As mentioned at the beginning of my post. I am currently working on launching my own professional blog site. So definitely feel free to visit over the next few months if you wish to see my work in progress.

Thanks for reading and stay classy folks.



Being an adult is probably the dumbest thing anyone could do ~ Calvin

Weekly blogging challenge # 2 – Electric Boogaloo.

It’s Wednesday so that means its time for my next blogging challenge. I missed my usual Monday post this week because I was cramming for an exam (I kicked ass Wooo).

This weeks post is inspired by the “Picture Me 8 day challenge” I found on tumblr (link included below). Now with my photo challenge I’m going to spread it apart over a few weeks as I want to include various different writing/photo challenges every Wednesday. In today’s post I’m doing a twist on challenge #1. Instead of 1 pic and 5 facts about myself. I’m going to share 5 photos of myself over the years and a brief explanation of the photo and why I picked it.

Photo#1: I most definitely was a kid of the 80’s


This photo was taken when I was around 20-21 years of age in my first apartment. I don’t recall where I got the wig or why but being a the huge dork I often would bust it out with friends while headbanging to heavy music. I picked this photo because it truly shows just how ridiculous I can get. *(Note the obligatory half naked girly poster every guys first apartment has to have)*

Photo#2: Call me Rubber Face.


Haha this photo was taken a few years ago. I think 2010. But it just goes show my penchant of being a huge dork. Most people who know me notice I like to make a ridiculous face. My facebook photos are mainly funny faces. I picked this photo because every time I see it I laugh my ass off. It’s just plain silly.

Photo #3: The epicness that is Grizzly.


In this photo, you’ll barely see me as my awesomely giant cat Grizzly takes up the majority of the shot. This was taken by my sister in 2007 I believe. I was staying with her after leaving a horrible relationship. At the time my cat Grizzly was quite unhappy due to the move and everything else going on so I picked him up and he crawled onto my shoulders. I picked this photo because it reminds me of how important I am to him. Grizzly has never been very friendly with people and has only recently started truly accepting the girlfriend. But since the beginning we have always been super close. My bond with him is one of the most important relationships I’ve ever had. *(Note Grizzly is 19lbs of fur and muscle and despite the temperament is a very loving pet)

Photo #4: Fiji 2009 Image

This photo was taken in 2009 by my best friend on our trip to Nanuya Island Resort (see link below) in Fiji. . This photo is significant to me because when planning my trip there I came across a photo of this exact tree and made it my wallpaper for all my devices. Mainly because it’s a beautiful shot but also as a way to inspire and encourage me to save up enough money to fulfill my desire to go to Fiji, which I did for my 27th birthday. I marked the accomplishment by getting a photo of myself sitting in that same tree as a reminder that I can accomplish any goal I make for myself.

Photo#5: Take care of your smile.


This last photo is who I am today. It was taken last year shortly after I went through the first of many dental procedures to repair my smile. Part of the reason why most of the photos I have of myself are me being silly, is because in general I hated to smile for photos. For years I was overly self conscious of my smile due to having bad teeth. I also had a pretty big phobia with the dentist and spent a good chunk of my twenties in severe pain. *(Note No fooling kids, the pain I felt was insanely bad. At times like I was shot in the face. Visit your dentist regularly. Holy Hell). This photo is the first one taken in over a decade where I didn’t hate my smile. Its also a bit ridiculous without having to make a silly face. 😀

So I hope today’s post gives you readers a better insight into the man behind the words. I apologize for missing Monday’s post and won’t miss Fridays. Thanks again for reading folks.


*(Update this post has been renamed Weekly blogging challenge 08/02/13.)