Feeling the Christmas spirit.



Love my hat? It certainly is an awesome hat. I feel like Santa Dork. But I’ll admit I have been wearing it for 3 days. :p

December has been one busy month for me so far. Work has been crazy, but I’m hitting the final stretch of the busy period as we get closer to Christmas.

I have a large family so every year I’ve always tried to be a generous guy in spirit and in giving. But with my plan to further my schooling, this Christmas I’ve had to tighten the purse strings. Though I did make sure to get something for my sisters, grandma, mom and girlfriend. I also signed up for the Reddit Secret Santa Gift exchange this year. Which so far has been an exciting and fun experience.

My match was a fellow Canadian from Montreal who was a lot like me. Since we are both aspiring designers and Star Wars fans, I sent them the Star Wars Concept Art book. I saw a lot of the actual art at the Star Wars experience exhibit a few months back. So I was excited to share this fabulous experience with giftee. My match already received their gift and they loved it. The reaction from them over what I sent was better then I expected, seeing as we are complete strangers. It certainly made my day.

While I haven’t received my gift yet, though there’s still time before the deadline passes. I’m excited to see what my match sends me and hope it’s well though out. Over all my experience so far has been quite awesome and I’ll definitely be taking part in it again next year.

Otherwise I’m not sure how often I’ll post until the Christmas rush is over. I’ve still got some shopping to finish. I get 2 days off for the holidays so I am hoping to blog Christmas Day (Expect plenty of gift/food photos). Until then I hope everyone has a safe, happy and meaningful holiday season.



Holy shit it’s one COLD ASS Wednesday.


Oh it’s Wednesday again and it’s been a mighty cold one at that. I work in a warehouse for an Italian market, and it’s been a snow filled, cold assed start to the week here. Brrrrrrrr!

Being surrounded by Italians most of the day I can’t help but noticed some differences in the quirks we share. Most noticeably how the use their hands when talking A LOT!!! Now I’m a loud, chatty guy. And I’ve always been one to talk with my hands but I’m no where near on level with them.

So for today’s humourous truth I thought I’d share a few hilarious clips I’ve seen over the years about how people use their hands when talking. As much as the Italians are well known for their hand gestures, Canadians are just as bad.

Russell Peters is a Canadian, East Indian comedian. He has a hilarious take on speaking italian. Italians speaking

Don Cherry, a famous, loud mouthed Canadian icon and host of Coaches corner dubbed with a piano. So funny. Piano

Family guy is guilty of many stereotype jokes, but never has one really hit close to home for me as this one does. Peter speaking Italian

And so the season begins. :D


Well December is upon us. November really went by fast for me it seemed. Time for cold days, hot chocolate, warm blankets and holiday cheer. YAY!!!

I recently signed up for the Reddit secret Santa gift exchange this year. Being recently new to reddit and enjoying the community feel it has, I was ecstatic when I heard about this and signed up immediately. Today I received my secret Santa match. I was excited to find out who they were so I could start planning what to get them. Turns out we live in the same country and have some similar interests so I’ve already come up with a few good ideas. Question is which idea to buy and send them.

Along with Halloween, Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year. Not just because of the gifts or the delicious eats to be had, but more so because everyone is noticeably in a holiday mood. Even my cat Grizzly gets in the holiday season and spends a lot of time sleeping in or around the tree.

Plus I must admit the kid in me still loves the brightly coloured Christmas lights and decorations on the tree. And who doesn’t love looking at the extravagant light displays people put outside their houses? Unless your a holiday grinch of course.

We have a street in my city called Candy cane lane, where all the houses go full out with their displays and collect donations for the food bank. I’ve been thinking I should go this year again. Take some photos. Been a long time since I’ve been there. Since I was a kid really.

Anyway, I’ll be sure to update my progress on my secret Santa exchange. It’s an interesting idea and I’m excited to find out what my Santa sends me, no matter how awesome/awful it could be. For those of you who haven’t signed up for this years exchange, I encourage you to check out

  • http://www.redditgfts.com
  • and register for next years exchange.



    The title of today’s post is a quote from one of my all time favourite comedians George Carlin during one of his many HBO specials Your All Diseased.

    I mentioned a couple of posts ago that there would be some changes to my blog in the next few weeks. Inspired by George and his ability to find the humour in the world we live in, I’ve decided that each Wednesday post will be dedicated to the humorous truths we all face.

    For my first post I’ve decided to share a clip of the joke that inspired this change. The world lost a great man and a modern day philosopher when George died, but his vision and message lives on.

    R.I.P Mr Carlin, I miss you.

    George Carlin – TGIF

    Image courtesy of troll.me

    When I grow up………


    I’ve spent a good part of my life confused about who I am, who I want to be and what my contribution to the world will be? Since I was a teen I’ve been struggling with the eternal question “who do I want to be when I grow up?”. Well I’m grown up now and I’m still asking myself that same question, struggling with the same feelings and doubts about myself.

    Having spent the past 2 years preparing for College so I can establish myself in a career of my choosing, finally taking my first steps towards an answer to that question. Going back and finishing off what I didn’t complete in high school was an extremely positive and uplifting experience for me. More so than I could have imagined. Though I find myself doubting the choices I made again.

    I know my decisions over the past few years have been the right ones, and that I’ve made significant progress forward in my life. But I can’t help but feel like I’m still no more closer to answering that question. I’m beginning to wonder if there even is an answer. Does anyone really know who they were meant to become? I don’t know, maybe my doubts come from my risk averse personality and no matter how far I succeed I’ll doubt myself.

    All I know is that I’m not happy with who I am right now. I’ve accomplished so little while I see others my age who have accomplished so much. It’s disheartening. I keep telling myself I’m destined to have more impact on the world than just taking up space. I just wish I could figure out what it was.

    Upcoming changes :p

    So I’ve been kind of going through a writers block of sorts. Been struggling to keep up with my blogging and I’m sure it’s been noticeable. I guess it’s been too much Xbox and Reddit, not enough writing/drawing time. Lol I’m a cause of my own struggles.

    I’ve been tinkering around with some ideas about how I want to proceed with my blogging. Starting next week, I’ll be sharing and implementing some of theses ideas on here. I’m considering ending my weekly blogging challenge, though I’m more leaning to changing it from Wednesdays to Mondays.
    So I hope you readers who still follow me can forgive me for the lameness of my writing as of recent. But in the coming weeks I’m hoping to laugh, learn and grow as a writer. Thanks for your patience and hope you enjoy the changes.