Wow its been awhile. Updates Galore

Hey Guys,

So its been absolutely forever since I posted to this blog. About 2 years I would say. Its been one busy time away from blogging.

Main reason I have been so busy is I have been a full time web development and design student at NAIT here in Edmonton, Ab, Canada. The other reason being that I am developing another blog site currently ( and will be eventually merging these together.

What brings me back today other than to promote my new site, but also to ask dear readers a favour of you. I am working on an SEO project where I had to make a small site that I can create some traffic too. I chose a topic that interested me because well if you have read my blogs in the past I’m a huge cat guy. So my site is a Maine Coon Health and Wellness page. Its not to sell anything or to even encourage medical advice. Its more a general fact page about how to keep your Maine Coon Cat healthy and happy.

I would super appreciate if it you guys could check it out, share my page and generate some traffic my way. I know its annoying to link to lame pages, but I swear its for a good cause (Plus you’ll score awesome Karma points).

So please visit and let me know what you think. I encourage constructive criticism so let me know if you see any way I can make improvements.

As mentioned at the beginning of my post. I am currently working on launching my own professional blog site. So definitely feel free to visit over the next few months if you wish to see my work in progress.

Thanks for reading and stay classy folks.



Being an adult is probably the dumbest thing anyone could do ~ Calvin

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