Reigniting my creative spark

So drawing has always been an interest of mine. I was often doodling and cartooning when I was a kid and started really finding my interest in it through my teens to my early twenties. But somewhere along the way my drawing began to slow down, finding myself not able to put my imagination to paper. I hit my peak it feels like and my well of creativity seems to have dried up.

When I decided to go back to school and embark on a career in Design and Illustration, I started getting nervous about my lack of creative inspiration for these past few years. Maybe I’d lost my focus, maybe I just hit the apex of my creativity. It’s frightening to think that something I’ve treasured about myself since childhood has disappeared. This roadblock has me deeply concerned that I’m choosing the right career.

So I’ve been debating enrolling in a drawing course of sorts for months now. Thinking it would be a good idea to maybe go back to the basics and attempt to reignite the creative process. Though I’ve been hesitant to spend the money on it because my actual schooling required the investment more. Now that I’m finished upgrading and working a well paying job I’m in a position to consider it.

This Christmas my awesome girlfriend gave me an amazingly thoughtful gift and bought me an 8 week/class course in drawing fundamentals. Including all my necessary supplies. I haven’t been this excited about a gift in a long time. I attended my first class last week and had a blast. It was crazy just how much of the basics of drawing I’ve lost over the years and how my skills have been shaped by the fundamentals I retained growing up.

Even in my first class I’d relearned a few important skills regarding perspective and observation. I know it’s only been one class but I’m encouraged at the possibility this will be a serious boost in regaining my creative spirit. While doing my assignment for this weeks class, I noticed I’m finding drawing fun again and not as much of a frustration/disappointing experience. It’s really good to feel this way.

At most I’m hoping this course will help me branch out from the cartooning I usually do and improve my portrait art. At the very least I hope that I find the fun in art again and stoke my creative fire till it burns brightly.

A Geeky T-Shirt Trifecta!!! Santa came through!

Man oh man its been a lil while since I posted to my blog last. This past week has been crazy. I completed my first aid/CPR training and am now qualified to assist people until help arrives. I also attended my company christmas party this weekend which was pretty awesome. The food was amazing which I was fully expecting it to be seeing as I work for an Italian Grocery store. The girlfriend and I had a lot of fun and certainly enjoyed the delicious buffet. I also found out one of my all time favorite punk bands Good Riddance is making its return to Edmonton this year. I’ve been waiting ten years to see them and thought it would never happen when they split up a few years ago. So glad they regrouped and have decided to come back here its been too long.

But the best part of my week was that my Reddit Secret Santa gift finally arrived. I mentioned before that my previous Santa basically was more of a Grinch than a jolly fat man, so I signed up to be rematched. Man did my rematch Santa ever spoil me and sent me 3 geeky t-shirts. Not only did they take the time to read my profile to figure out what I would like but they couldn’t have picked it any better. Was definitely a thoughtful gift from someone I’ve never met.

I’ve included some photos to check out. My fave shirt is the Halo Spartan one. So geeky. Plus I’ve been meaning to get a T-shirt in that colour.

All 3 Shirts

Zombie Heartbreak

Bomberman cleanup Aisle 1


Despite having to be rematched because of my first santa’s scrooge like spirit all in all my experience in the exchange has been an excellent one. My matchee loved his gift and my rematch santa nailed my gift right on the head. I can’t wait to participate in future exchanges.

Now I must admit recently I have been struggling through a writers block of sorts. That’s part of the reason my posts have been so random recently. I have a few exciting things coming up over the next little while including taking my first art class since high school starting this week (YAAAAAY!!!) so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of excellent things to write about over the next while. Though for any of you still reading this I would appreciate any advice you may have at combating writers block and how you keep your own creativity flowing. I’m going to keep on trying to post more and more frequently though and see if I can power through this creative dry spell. Wish me luck all.

Happy 2014 everyone!!


It’s been a lil bit since my last post. The lead up to Christmas was pretty busy at work and then of course the holiday itself was pretty hectic. I ended up ringing in the new year at home suffering from the flu. So writing had been put on the back burner.

Christmas was great this year, I was spoiled yet again. The GF bought me a drawing course I wanted to take and all the necessary supplies needed for the class. Definitely one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received (which is hard to do seeing as every year she gets me a very thoughtful gift). We spent the morning together at home and had a wonderful brunch, then spent the day with her family. Her nephew celebrated his first Christmas which was adorable(babies and wrapping paper = cuteness overload).

My Christmas came out pretty awesome, although my experience with the reddit gift exchange hasn’t been as awesome as I hoped. My original Secret Santa missed the shipping deadline and has messaged me a few times to tell me that they keep on intending to ship my gift but still haven’t followed through, which has been frustrating. Rather than continue to wait on them to follow through, I signed up to be rematched with another exchanger. My rematch seems less flaky and pretty excited to participate in the exchange, so hopefully I see some positive results. The girlfriend took part as well and received her gift on NYE. It came from Japan and was a nice assortment of Japanese candies. I’ll admit I was a tad jealous.

Otherwise NYE was pretty much a bust for me. The flu bug hit me pretty hard on Monday and has kept me down and out for most of the week. It was pretty bad for awhile and I was concerned I’d need to visit the ER due to a fever I just couldn’t shake. Fortunately the fever broke and I’ve been on the slow road to recovery, though I’m still not fit to return to work. Haven’t been this sick since I caught H1N1 back in 2009 which was brutal.

Anyway this year may have started on a shitty note but 2014 has a lot in store for me. I started off the year with some savings for the first time in forever. I’ve got a good job, and I’m hoping to take big steps forward in my education. My optimism for my future is pretty high for once and I’m in a position to start the year off strong. I have little doubt that I can obtain the goals I have set for myself.

So happy 2014 everyone. I hope that you all reach whatever goals you have set for yourself no matter how insignificant they may be.


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