Happy Halloween!


Well my favorite holiday of the year is upon us tonight. Like most people, my love for Halloween started at a young age. I mean what kid doesn’t love getting dressed up, showing off your costumes to friends and pestering strangers for as much candy as one could possibly get their hands on, and pigging out on said candy watching scary movies till bedtime.

Now days, for me All Hallows eve means to me a night to indulge in my childhood. This year with Halloween being on a thursday, I attended a costume party last weekend at my friends Mitch & Lanette’s house instead which was an awesome. Of course being a costume party, I dressed up and went as a cartoon. We partied late into the night, drinking, eating candy and playing the always hilariously offensive game Cards against humanity.

Tonight I stayed home and watched a scary movie and played some GTA V. I don’t get trick or treaters as I live in an apartment so it’s been a quiet evening. In honour of my favorite holiday I thought it would be fun to share a Halloween cartoon from one of my all time favorites sites on the net. A hilarious short by Strong bad and the fine folks at www.homestarrunner.com

Have a safe and spooky Halloween dear readers.

Strong Bad – Halloween Costume

(image courtesy of http://thumbpress.com/30-badass-pumpkin-carving-ideas-for-halloween-pics/)


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