Weekly blogging challenge #8: The Bucket List

In my twenties I created a list of accomplishments that I hoped to achieve before my thirties, my bucket list. By the time I hit thirty, I had managed to accomplish the majority of my goals. Below are the goals I’m most proud of completing.

1) Go back to school (Check)

2) Travel somewhere exotic (Check went to Fiji)

3) Repair my smile (Check)

4) See my favorite band 10 times (Check currently awaiting #14)

5) Get my first Tattoo (Check)

As I’m sure you know, I’m pretty damn proud that I accomplished so many items on that list. it proved to me how much I can achieve with enough motivation, hard work and support from the ones closest to me.

Now that I am turning thirty-one in a few weeks, I feel like its time to create a new bucket list for my thirties. I’ve grown so much because of my previous list, I’m hoping to achieve even more with this one. So below are the first ten items on my new bucket list. I chose ten to begin but it’s by no means my max limit.

1) Complete Post Secondary/Earn Degree in Graphic Design.

2) Get my licence and buy my first car.

3) Pay off my debt and build financial stability.

4) Travel, Travel, Travel (Australia, Various places in Europe, Japan, Costa Rica, China).

5) Become successful in a career I love.

6) Buy a home with a yard.

7) Get married somewhere beautiful.

8) Create and design my own website..

9) Become more involved with my family and extended family.

10) Learn to play an instrument (Piano or guitar).

Since completing my last list was so successful, I’m positive I’m up to the challenge of finishing this one. I’m definitely motivated and more confident this time around.

So my fellow bloggers, tell me what you think of my list? Do you have a bucket list of your own, and if so any similar goals? Have you completed anything significant off of it? I’d love to hear about your bucket lst experiences. Feel free comment if you have anything you wish to share.


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