Happy Halloween!


Well my favorite holiday of the year is upon us tonight. Like most people, my love for Halloween started at a young age. I mean what kid doesn’t love getting dressed up, showing off your costumes to friends and pestering strangers for as much candy as one could possibly get their hands on, and pigging out on said candy watching scary movies till bedtime.

Now days, for me All Hallows eve means to me a night to indulge in my childhood. This year with Halloween being on a thursday, I attended a costume party last weekend at my friends Mitch & Lanette’s house instead which was an awesome. Of course being a costume party, I dressed up and went as a cartoon. We partied late into the night, drinking, eating candy and playing the always hilariously offensive game Cards against humanity.

Tonight I stayed home and watched a scary movie and played some GTA V. I don’t get trick or treaters as I live in an apartment so it’s been a quiet evening. In honour of my favorite holiday I thought it would be fun to share a Halloween cartoon from one of my all time favorites sites on the net. A hilarious short by Strong bad and the fine folks at www.homestarrunner.com

Have a safe and spooky Halloween dear readers.

Strong Bad – Halloween Costume

(image courtesy of http://thumbpress.com/30-badass-pumpkin-carving-ideas-for-halloween-pics/)

Weekly blogging challenge #9: Things I’ve learned about myself this year.

My 31st birthday is this upcoming Monday. This being my final blogging challenge before my birthday, I thought I’d share a few things I learned in my first year of my thirties. It has been a pretty big year in terms of personal growth for me. I’ve learned a lot about myself and who I want to be, as well as some truths about life.

First thing I learned is that if I want something bad enough and work hard to achieve it that I can accomplish almost anything I desire. Finishing my upgrading was a really eye opener for me. When I first considered going back I was filled with doubt about whether I could succeed. Not only did I finish but I passed all my courses with a better than I could have ever expected grade average.

Secondly because of my schooling, I learned that as much as I love to draw, that writing was a natural talent I have and I should be nurturing it. I try to write as often as possible which is why I started my blog. It’s through my blogging that I’ve been able to open a window into myself and start the process of redefining who I wanna be.

With that in mind that brings me to the third thing I learned. Which happens to be probably one of the most important issues of the past year. A few months back I came the the conclusion I was suffering from a crisis of identity and it left me depressed, lost and unsure how to handle going forward. It was through talking with loved ones and by blogging my thoughts out so I can organize and understand them more clearly that I was able to begin my journey of self discovery. I’m still far away from resolving my identity issues, but I’ve taken a few bigs steps forward.

The fourth thing I learned (or I guess I should say relearned) was just how important smiling is in my everyday life. I posted about this a few months ago in the post “The art of smiling”. My efforts to ensure I smile more frequently has been paying off. I’ve learned that it makes it much easier for me to maintain a positive mood throughout my day. As well how just a lil smile and a polite demeanor can drastically alter your everyday interactions with the people around you. It’s quite interesting to watch the ripple effect it has on those you interact with.

Lastly the fifth and final thing I learned was something people had been telling me for years and being young and stupid I didn’t listen. And that is that when you begin your thirties you realize all your actions and decisions begin to catch up to you. From becoming more concerned about your weight/health, and cleaning up the mess you made of your life in your twenties, to simple things like waking up stiff/sore every morning, or finding yourself unable to relate to current fashion trends or music like you used to be able too. (Like WTF is up with the stupid too small, skinny pants on guys and the girls wearing 80’s couch patterns for pants now?). I guess I should have listened to everyone (Sorry Jodi :p).

Anyway it’s been a good year in my life. With another one coming to a close, I look forward to the challenges the next one has to come and hope there’s decades more life for me to experience. I have a big party planned and look forward to celebrating the end of a great year with some good friends and loved ones. I’ll be sure to take lots of pics to share on my next post.

As always thanks for reading folks. Your support over these past few months has been tremendous.


Weekly blogging challenge #8: The Bucket List

In my twenties I created a list of accomplishments that I hoped to achieve before my thirties, my bucket list. By the time I hit thirty, I had managed to accomplish the majority of my goals. Below are the goals I’m most proud of completing.

1) Go back to school (Check)

2) Travel somewhere exotic (Check went to Fiji)

3) Repair my smile (Check)

4) See my favorite band 10 times (Check currently awaiting #14)

5) Get my first Tattoo (Check)

As I’m sure you know, I’m pretty damn proud that I accomplished so many items on that list. it proved to me how much I can achieve with enough motivation, hard work and support from the ones closest to me.

Now that I am turning thirty-one in a few weeks, I feel like its time to create a new bucket list for my thirties. I’ve grown so much because of my previous list, I’m hoping to achieve even more with this one. So below are the first ten items on my new bucket list. I chose ten to begin but it’s by no means my max limit.

1) Complete Post Secondary/Earn Degree in Graphic Design.

2) Get my licence and buy my first car.

3) Pay off my debt and build financial stability.

4) Travel, Travel, Travel (Australia, Various places in Europe, Japan, Costa Rica, China).

5) Become successful in a career I love.

6) Buy a home with a yard.

7) Get married somewhere beautiful.

8) Create and design my own website..

9) Become more involved with my family and extended family.

10) Learn to play an instrument (Piano or guitar).

Since completing my last list was so successful, I’m positive I’m up to the challenge of finishing this one. I’m definitely motivated and more confident this time around.

So my fellow bloggers, tell me what you think of my list? Do you have a bucket list of your own, and if so any similar goals? Have you completed anything significant off of it? I’d love to hear about your bucket lst experiences. Feel free comment if you have anything you wish to share.

Autumn is my favorite time of year!

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. From the crisp air, the brightly colored leaves on the trees and the cool, yet comfortable temperatures. It’s when the real beauty of the city I live in shines.

I was born during the fall season. With my birthday being on the 21st of this month so this likely explains my love for this time of year. Of course having Thanksgiving and Halloween (two of my favorite holidays) so close to my birthday helps make October special to me.

When I was a kid I used to spend my free hours after school outside, no matter how cold it was, playing in the fallen leaves. As I’ve gotten older I spend less time playing in the leaves, instead admiring their beauty which I didn’t appreciate as a kid.

I’ve snapped a few shots of my neighborhood as the leaves are just beginning to change colors and fall. Only a few more weeks of the beautiful harvest colors before the tree’s are called in snow.