Wicked Wednesday Psychobilly Madness


Last night I had planned to write before I went to bed, but the girlfriend and I went to a psychobilly concert, which ended up going much later than I expected. Especially for a Wednesday.
So I ended up going right to bed when I got home as I had to be at work this morning.

Despite being pooped and feeling the mid-week blah’s before heading into the show, we both had an awesome time. Headlining the show was Toronto’s The Creepshow, who play a wicked blend of old school rockabilly music with a horroresque theme similar to The Misfits but with a female vocalist.

Now I’ve seen them live before for a Halloween concert a few years back and had a blast. The girlfriend, having been introduced to the band by me had never seen them before last night, so she was pretty excited. The band recently went through some lineup changes with the departure of their lead singer. So it was my first experience seeing her replacement.

Now not that the new girl was terrible, as she had a wicked voice. But throughout the whole set I could hardly understand her because she had no strength behind her voice. She was in tune but was almost impossible to hear her against the rest of the band, and most of the night she mumbled through each song. It could have been no fault of her own and just sound issues, but it really took away from the show.  Despite those issues, the band still rocked the joint and put on a great show and we ended up having a great time.

As well one of the headlining acts was a local band called Fire next time. I’ve seen them once before and they put on a good set. Being my second time seeing them, I was again pleasantly surprised just how good these guys are. In my opinion they were almost better than the headlining act.  The bass player was by far one of the most entertaining and energetic musicians of the night, so hilarious.

In the meantime I’m going to prepare for another show I have coming up this Saturday featuring a local ska band named Mad Bomber Society, who are my second fave Ska artist right after The Mad Caddies (Who I also get to see live next month and can hardly contain my excitement).

Anyway before I go, I’ve decided to share a link to one of the songs by The Creepshow that I love titled “The Garden“. I hope you take the time to check it out if you haven’t heard them already. As always thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the tunes.


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