RAWR! Dino 101 = Awesome

(Cartoon courtesy of Gary Larsen’s Farside)

Man, it’s been a week since my last post and I didn’t even notice, so I apologize dear readers. My new job has me working so hard that I’m exhausted at the end of each day that I haven’t posted in awhile.

As well as the new job, I’ve also signed up for an online course in Dinosaur Paleobiology offered by the University of Alberta. I’m loving the course so far. Really enjoying the lectures presented by Dr. Phillip Currie and his staff. Plus it satisfies my childhood awe of these magnificent creatures that once ruled our planet.

I encourage anyone with an interest in Dinosaurs and paleontology to check it out and sign up and if you’re interested in working together on course material, well feel free to comment or send a private message to me.

Otherwise it’s just taking time adjusting to the recent changes in life. Which has been a little difficult, though when is change ever easy?

So I’m off to watch a few more video lectures before bed. I hope to have something exciting to share with you folks about what I’ve learned by the end of the week. Who know’s maybe Gary Larsen was on to something? Lol

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