Life is a series of defining moments!

“Make the most of each moment.” ~ Marv Machura

In my quest for self identity and understanding I can’t help but noticing that my life can be broken down to a series of defining moments.
It’s at each of these moments that we are faced with a life altering experience, be it an event, inspiring person or a personal discovery. It’s the lasting impact each moment leaves on our lives that causes a person to grow as an individual.

When I reflect on my life, I find I tend to combine each of my moments together. Trying to find some sort of meaning or clue about myself but struggling to find anything worth meaning. It’s only by looking at each moment as a separate entity that I’ve started noticing little clues about who I am and what sets me apart from the human collective.

The above quote was said by a teacher I had. His view of the world and our responsibility in it to future generations, left a lasting impression on me. As I look back at my time in his class, learning from him was a defining moment in my life. As short as our time was together I learned more about myself and my abilities as a writer then any other teacher I’ve had. It’s the lasting effect the moments I shared with him that has helped me discover my passion and my voice in writing. In his teachings he left me with an sense of personal responsibility to seize each moment and make the most of what life has presented me.

It’s been almost a year since my time learning from Marv ended, yet I find that his influence on me hasn’t dissipated. By making the most of my experience in his class and by his teachings I’ve learned more about myself then I ever felt possible. My time with him truly was a defining moment in my journey to self discovery.

So I’m going to end today’s post with another quote from him that resonates with me. As a way to share his wisdom with my fellow members of the human collective, but also to express my deepest gratitude for everything I’ve learned from him. Thank you!

Learning only happens when you apply energy to actively transform something of yourself and thus grow both spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. ~ Marv Machura.


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