As the saying goes “Never go ass to Mouth”


So I like to think of myself as a scary and gory movie buff. I’m not one who is easily shocked, disgusted or even offended by most horror films. It’s part of the enjoyment factor for these kind of movies. Last night I finally decided to watch The Human Centipede which pretty much left me feeling shocked, disgusted and offended. A hat trick of moral depravity in a sense. There’s little enjoyment to be found in this movie outside my own morbid curiosity.

Now I have to say I’m a sucker for Internet hype at times. This film certainly being one of the internets overhyped films I couldn’t help but be drawn to this movie. Now I went into watching this full well knowing it was going to be sick and twisted, but there was no way I could have prepared myself for what this movie had to offer.
Throughout the film I kept thinking to myself “Someone actually conceived this idea… WTF?”

So of course I go onto Facebook expressing this exact sentiment only to hear from numerous friends that the first film was intended to desensitize you for the second film which is magnitudes more disgusting and foul. Which honestly to take this concept and make it more offensive for the sake of being offensive says a lot about how deeply disturbed the writer/director of this film really is. Now I’ll admit as much as the first one hit me with a trifecta of foulness, in the end I did finish the film, but I’m just not sure that I have any vested interest in seeing the sequel(s). I mean at some point when does horror end and murder porn begin?

With Human Centipede there’s a very thin line between a horror movie and a snuff film. The only thing that keeps it from reaching snuff film levels is the fact there is no fucking going on and that it’s obviously fake.
I know I’m the one who decided to watch this film, I also know I’m the one who decided to stick with it through to the end, (which speaks volumes about my own comfort factor with my dark side of my psyche) but honestly more than anything this movie left me with a true understanding as to just how dark other people can get. It makes me seriously wonder if the director has some serious mental issues. I’m not so much shocked by the film as I am by the fact that this came from the mind of someone who thinks its an even better idea to make a sequel 1000 times more disgusting and offensive without questioning himself “WTF is wrong with me? There’s something seriously wrong here”.

Needless to say its unlikely I’ll partake in watching the remaining films in this franchise, and while I don’t regret watching this one, I must admit that my own sense of morbid curiosity has been shamed and owned by it, that watching the remaining ones would beg the question if I’m just as warped as the writer/director. I’ll never think of the term “going ass to mouth” the same way again lol.

Anyway sorry for the delay in this weeks post. I’ll be sure to write a few times this week to make up for last weeks laziness. Until then I encourage any comments or questions today’s post leaves you with.


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