My path will be my own.


“This isn’t giving up, no this is letting go, Out with the old dreams I’ve borrowed. The path I carve from here on out will be my own” ~ Rise Against

I’ve recently been going through a journey of self discovery. And as I learn more about myself I begin to find that the ideals I once defined myself by are no longer applicable. When I was younger if asked to define who I am, my answer was always ” I’m a Punk Rocker”, now when I ask myself that same question my answer is “To be determined”. The principles and beliefs I used to guide me through my teens to twenties no longer seem to fit where I see myself in my thirties.

Not that I feel like I’m selling out my ideals. I still hold many of those ideals close to heart. Its just that as I grow older I find that I can no longer relate to most of them. My teen angst and disillusionment in society has all but disappeared. I can no longer define myself by the subculture I’ve associated with for so long.

It’s time to redefine myself for the next chapter of my life. I’ve learned the only way to redefine who I am is by not attempting to fit myself into any subculture, group mentality or demographic. It’s up to me to define who I am by my own experiences, principles and ideals.
As important associating myself with the punk rock subculture was in helping me become the person I am today, it’s even more important for me to shape and define myself and who I want to be without forcing myself to “fit” into a specific group. My punk past will always be a part of me but in the wise words of Tim McIlrath, “My path I carve out from here on out will be my own!”

As always. Thanks for reading. Comments, questions and the like are welcome and encouraged.



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