Terminal Inspiration

“Creativity is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration” ~Thomas Edison

What’s missing from that statement is that while inspiration is only a small part of your creative process, it’s that 10% that is the most important and also happens to be the hardest to find.
The most difficult part in reigniting my creative spark I’ve learned is finding what inspires me or where to look when one is lacking inspiration. I have no issues putting in my 90% perspiration into my creative process, but without my 10% inspiration, I find it difficult to proceed further in my creative aspirations, no matter how hard I work towards completion.

Today’s blog post is a perfect example. I had planned on posting earlier this week (Tues) but I struggled to find something inspiring to share and discuss. It’s only now after midnight on a wed night/thurs morning as I lie in bed, when it dawned on me that inspiration itself and how difficult it is to find, is as good a topic as any to discuss (better late than never).

So I ask you, my fellow bloggers, what inspires you to be creative? And when inspiration is fleeting, what steps do you take to prevent it from disappearing all together and reignite it? I feel as though I’m suffering from Terminal Inspiration and any thoughts, suggestions or advice you can offer will give my creative spark the healthy boost it needs to recover from the years of being stoned and unmotivated.

As always thanks again for reading and hope you come back for my next post, as you keep on reading, I’ll keep on writing.



One thought on “Terminal Inspiration

  1. Miss Ella says:

    Awesome post. I totally can relate. Emotion. The struggles, the challenges, the ups and downs. All those. Living them and living through it, embracing it. Feeling. That is what inspires me. Meditation has now become a huge part of my daily routine. 15 min a day. It’s amazing what arises when you begin to reconnect to your surroundings.

    Reading, music, walks, nature, food. Just being present. I also ensure that I spend quality time with people who inspire me, on a weekly basis. It’s important to be mindful about what you allow and inject into your life.

    I think all things in your life and surroundings can be inspiring if you embrace them and are present. They take on a whole new meaning when you acknowledge the miracles in your life and exercise gratitude.

    Just keep on writing when it comes. Keep being here, now. And you will see.

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