My path will be my own.


“This isn’t giving up, no this is letting go, Out with the old dreams I’ve borrowed. The path I carve from here on out will be my own” ~ Rise Against

I’ve recently been going through a journey of self discovery. And as I learn more about myself I begin to find that the ideals I once defined myself by are no longer applicable. When I was younger if asked to define who I am, my answer was always ” I’m a Punk Rocker”, now when I ask myself that same question my answer is “To be determined”. The principles and beliefs I used to guide me through my teens to twenties no longer seem to fit where I see myself in my thirties.

Not that I feel like I’m selling out my ideals. I still hold many of those ideals close to heart. Its just that as I grow older I find that I can no longer relate to most of them. My teen angst and disillusionment in society has all but disappeared. I can no longer define myself by the subculture I’ve associated with for so long.

It’s time to redefine myself for the next chapter of my life. I’ve learned the only way to redefine who I am is by not attempting to fit myself into any subculture, group mentality or demographic. It’s up to me to define who I am by my own experiences, principles and ideals.
As important associating myself with the punk rock subculture was in helping me become the person I am today, it’s even more important for me to shape and define myself and who I want to be without forcing myself to “fit” into a specific group. My punk past will always be a part of me but in the wise words of Tim McIlrath, “My path I carve out from here on out will be my own!”

As always. Thanks for reading. Comments, questions and the like are welcome and encouraged.


Terminal Inspiration

“Creativity is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration” ~Thomas Edison

What’s missing from that statement is that while inspiration is only a small part of your creative process, it’s that 10% that is the most important and also happens to be the hardest to find.
The most difficult part in reigniting my creative spark I’ve learned is finding what inspires me or where to look when one is lacking inspiration. I have no issues putting in my 90% perspiration into my creative process, but without my 10% inspiration, I find it difficult to proceed further in my creative aspirations, no matter how hard I work towards completion.

Today’s blog post is a perfect example. I had planned on posting earlier this week (Tues) but I struggled to find something inspiring to share and discuss. It’s only now after midnight on a wed night/thurs morning as I lie in bed, when it dawned on me that inspiration itself and how difficult it is to find, is as good a topic as any to discuss (better late than never).

So I ask you, my fellow bloggers, what inspires you to be creative? And when inspiration is fleeting, what steps do you take to prevent it from disappearing all together and reignite it? I feel as though I’m suffering from Terminal Inspiration and any thoughts, suggestions or advice you can offer will give my creative spark the healthy boost it needs to recover from the years of being stoned and unmotivated.

As always thanks again for reading and hope you come back for my next post, as you keep on reading, I’ll keep on writing.


Three things I’d tell 16 year old me.

Welcome back fellow bloggers,

For those of you who are new to my blog, I felt for my third post I’d give you an honest insight to the man behind the words. With that idea in mind I struggled with an easy way to do this without rambling on and on about my life, self, and accomplishments. This lead me to ask myself that old question, ” If I could take the knowledge I gained in adulthood and tell it to my 16 year old self what would it be?”.

I’ve recently begun a journey of self discovery and understanding, so this question hits pretty close to home right now. I’ve decided to share three things I would tell my younger self on today’s blog post.

Number 1: Finish school. Especially while its free.

I can’t count how many times I heard this from parents/teachers while growing up. I wish I’d listened, but at the time I was more focused on my social status than I was on my studies. Funny enough all those so called “friends” I no longer have any contact with. Just goes to show what was the better investment of time as here I am now a 30 year old, broke ass college student. Schools expensive. Kids don’t realize just how lucky they are it’s free.

Number 2: Sometimes Love isn’t enough to keep you happy.

It took me a few heartaches before I learned this lesson. Since 16 I’ve been in Love with 3 separate girlfriends. And while both of those relationships ended for completely different reasons, it wasn’t until after the second one ended that I learned this lesson. No matter how much you love or care about someone it doesn’t mean they are right for you or you for them. Love is a wonderful feeling but don’t let it guide you towards happiness. You’re doomed for failure if you count on love getting you through any bumps in your relationships. It takes dedication, honest and open communication, and a logical approach towards any situation your relationship faces for it to be successful. Honesty being the key word. Never sacrifice your happiness for love but find a balance between both. It’s this knowledge has helped me in my current relationship even when things have been rough.

Number 3: Never stop exploring the unknown and learn learn learn!

The world is a wide, wonderful place. We only have so much time on this planet to experience it all. So make sure to explore the secrets the world has to offer. From something as small as learning a new skill to something as big as taking off on an adventure in some far off place. It wasn’t until I started challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone and experience more of the world that I started learning more about myself. It’s the knowledge we gain and the experiences we go through in life that define who we are. So be sure to never stop being curious about yourself or the world around you. Life’s to short to sit back and watch everyone else have all the fun.

Now while not all of you may agree with my statements regarding your own lives, in regards to my own life these lessons are some of the most important things I’ve learned as an adult. If I had a chance to have a serious discussion with 16 year old me, it’s these lessons I would teach myself to help better prepare for life as an adult.

Thanks for reading. Once again I encourage any comments or opinions readers may have. Until next time I leave you with another quote that I try to live by.

Don’t look back in anger. It’s just a memory. – Strung Out

Schmeat Burgers. Get em while they are hot! Only $338k each.

So I came across and interesting article regarding genetically grown meat made from animal cells. While not yet ready for mass production (@$338 k per piece of meat) it does raise a few eye brows regarding not only the practicality of such a product, but as well as the moral/ethical implications that come with such a creation. But as a meat eater I find this concept intriguing. Would love to hear the thoughts/opinions on this topic from my fellow bloggers.

Welcome Readers!

Well first of all greetings to all my fellow bloggers, nerds and earth dwellers. I welcome you to my first attempt at a blog. Now this is new territory for me so I do hope any of you out there that took the time to read this takes that into consideration.

A little about me. I’m a 30 year old, male from Western Canada. I’m currently a student with a desire to enter into the graphic arts and design industry.
I’ve decided to write this blog as a way to increase my creative output as well as explore a recently discovered interest in writing.

In my writing I hope to learn, teach, inspire as well as be inspired. I’ll do my best to keep an unbiased approach to any articles, opinions or intellectual topics of a sensitive nature that I choose to post and discuss on here. I encourage comments, opinions and open discussion of anything I post. Please just keep your comments thoughtful, well mannered and creative. I have a firm stance on Internet trolls and other assholes of the like.

So welcome once again to everyone who’s taken the time to read. My goal is to post at least twice a week (Tues/Thurs) so check back then.

Until then I leave you all with a quote from a man who inspired me to embrace my love of language and Mr Bill Hicks:

” I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit.”